HireMENA – End to End Value for MENA HR Professionals

Communicating with HR professionals in the MENA region can be a difficult proposition. The frontier and emerging market status requires those in this position to respond to outsized market challenges – challenges much different from their Western counterparts. Assisting these HR professionals to understand how to adapt Western styles of thinking for local adaptation for training and incentivizing working professionals was an important goal we wanted to achieve with hiremena.com

HireMENA was launched as a backdoor to gain more potential opportunities for promoting Laimoon.com. It quickly turned into it’s own machine with featured writers, a robust publishing schedule, and exclusive media partnerships for the multitude of HR conferences and events across Dubai.


The site has since been wound down to focus on more immediate opportunities. HR training, services, and conferences etc… has a huge but crowded market potential in MENA.

Overall the entire experience was incredibly beneficial to sharpen my skills in project management and digital marketing. I still hold an extensive and experienced knowledge base of HR products and services I’ve been able to leverage for other consulting purposes.


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