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Hire Like a Pro

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Talent development for SMEs is tremendously challenging, as the majority of SMEs do not have the capacity to develop top talent. As an SME, if you do have the time to identify, develop and nurture talent to full potential, your company is on the right growth path.

Whether you do have or lack the capacity to foster talent, importing talent is a requirement for companies of all sizes. Winning the war for talent is particularly important for SMEs, as just one wrong hire can have immense consequences.

When hiring in your fast growing company, it is a time to step out of your comfort zone. While hiring through personal networks is an acceptable place to start, the chances are small you will be referred unknown top talent. A more exhaustive search is required. This search should include job ad and database searches online, such as the free database search on Laimoon.com. Even going so far as to engage recruiters on a contingency basis can pay dividends when seeking top talent.

Once you have started the recruitment process and have potential candidates to interview, it is important to keep in mind these 3 tips.

You need a compelling value proposition – What is the unique selling point that sets your company above all the others? Top talent is motivated beyond a paycheck and need to understand the value being created by your company is truly helping people.

You need to tell them why their position matters to the company & why they should want to work for you – Be bold. Explain to potential candidates how you will be relying on their experience to drive your business in new directions. Make sure they understand exactly why someone would want to work for you

You need to be hiring ‘Do-ers’ – What are Do-ers? A do-er is a future manager or director that can draw from experience to bring ‘big wins’ for the company. Do-ers are people thrive on going out and doing the hard work required of them, while one day developing into potential leaders.

As a focused business owner, one day you will be lucky enough to have talent development programs within your organization. Until then, hiring top talent who can one day turn into your future leaders is a great method for success. Keep one eye to the future and one eye to accomplishing today’s task and you will set the stage for strong talent development in your organization.

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Direct Mail and Email Marketing – Working together in glorious harmony

This is a blog post I did while I worked at FireDrum Internet Marketing. The tone is fairly lighthearted but I think hits something interesting, using direct mail to increase effectiveness and digital marketing efforts.

This morning I was listening to the Diane Rehm show after leaving an appointment. Her guest was John (Jack) Potter, U.S. Postmaster General.

Mr. Potter had the unfortunate task of defending to Diane and her listeners why the U.S. Postal Service was still relevant and how to fix the acute financial crisis that was affecting it.

While there is a very real financial crisis effecting the health of the postal service, it was a very in depth and extremely informative interview.

There was one interesting perception of Postmaster General Potter’s that really stayed with me.

Stayed with me so much I actually had to tweet about it.

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Direct Mail and Email Marketing | FireDrum Internet Marketing Blog.

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Software sales channel presentation

I helped launch a mobile web marketing platform. I had some great partners and wore many hats. Part of this SaaS model was selling through partner channels. I created messaging to more effectively educate the potential partners and essentially close more deals. Below is an example of the simple presentation I would conduct over a conference call and screen share prior to showing the software platform.

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How do you measure ROI in Social Media?

How do you measure ROI in Social Media? While this video was taken a few years ago, I think this remains a viable question, particularly because businesses measure social media’s effectiveness differently. In the video below I share some of my insights. Don’t mind the hair…

How Do You Measure ROI? from Stephen Murphey on Vimeo.

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