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Launchpad the first UAE enterprise licensed to design, fund, and implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives is two years old.







Tum, Tum, Tumblr Blog to Promote Solar and Renewable Energy

“Good luck counting your money when you can’t breathe.”

I am certainly as pro-business as your average person, however the changing weather patterns, ongoing pollution, and continued fracking combined with unlimited sun and wind overwhelmingly point to a greater way we can all live.

I have taken it upon myself to learn more about the practical business applications of the solar and renewable industry.


This practical way is a tumblr blog where I explore the business of solar and renewables. I like tumblr as a light weight publishing tool and the communities are great for exploration. Be sure to check out the site here:

London Calling – YouTube Series

I’ve had a career defining opportunity to work on a MENA region first – the co-creation, launch, and delivery of an original branded mini-series for Marks & Spencer MENA titled London Calling. This unique and engaging media campaign combined all my analytical, creative, financial, and, technical acumen to deliver this groundbreaking series. Brands can be very skittish when pushing into new mediums and new languages, but adaptation is essential for successful global growth.

Be sure to watch Season 1 and leave us a comment to let us know what you think. (We’ve added videos with English subtitles too)


UPDATE 1 June 2014:
London Calling was so well received, and we had so much fun making it, we brought it back for Season 2.


UPDATE 2 June 2015: London Calling the M&S Original Series is now over 1.5M views!

The Start of the MBA – Marketing Plans with Strategic Intent

I started my MBA program at Hult in August. The Hult focus is International Business and I’ve made the decision to tailor my studies to better understand the basis of finance. As my professional experience is in Marketing my ongoing work responsibilities will hopefully evolve towards more strategic opportunities.

I’ve shared below two marketing plans I’ve created with the help of my MBA learnings. The Gillette Plan earned our group an A, top marks in my cohort for Marketing. The Marks & Spencer plan was submitted as a final step to get the job for MENA marketing strategy.

HireMENA – End to End Value for MENA HR Professionals

Communicating with HR professionals in the MENA region can be a difficult proposition. The frontier and emerging market status requires those in this position to respond to outsized market challenges – challenges much different from their Western counterparts. Assisting these HR professionals to understand how to adapt Western styles of thinking for local adaptation for training and incentivizing working professionals was an important goal we wanted to achieve with

HireMENA was launched as a backdoor to gain more potential opportunities for promoting It quickly turned into it’s own machine with featured writers, a robust publishing schedule, and exclusive media partnerships for the multitude of HR conferences and events across Dubai.


The site has since been wound down to focus on more immediate opportunities. HR training, services, and conferences etc… has a huge but crowded market potential in MENA.

Overall the entire experience was incredibly beneficial to sharpen my skills in project management and digital marketing. I still hold an extensive and experienced knowledge base of HR products and services I’ve been able to leverage for other consulting purposes.